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Simple Ways to Make House Cleaning Easier

Not many things in life provide a sense of contentment, like a clean house. A clutter-free, dirt-free, organized, and pleasantly smelling home gives you the kind of mental peace that can be bottled and sold. However, the actual chore of cleaning the house regularly consumes both time and effort that we don’t always feel capable of managing. If you are looking to cut down on your cleaning time, here are a few tips and tricks that can help you maximize the efficiency of your cleaning routine. Let us help you find simple ways to make house cleaning easier. We are SGV Cleaning Service based in Sarasota, FL, and we have expert domestic and commercial cleaning services that include everything from regular mopping to window cleaning for Sarasota residents.

Devise A System

First things first, our cleaning crew suggests that you enhance your cleaning routine by chalking out a personalized system that works for your needs. Having a proper system and sticking to it can cut your cleaning time by half. The system basically needs you to clean your home in the same order each time. You should start cleaning from one room and start and finish at the same spot – so you don’t get distracted and end up going back and forth. 

Take A Walk Around 

Here’s a simple step to kick off your cleaning routine. Take a leisurely walk around your house and gather up anything that doesn’t belong. Return items to their rightful places, whether it’s the laundry hamper, designated storage spots, or the trash bin. Go through this exercise room by room, and you’ll find that it leaves your house looking not just cleaner but also more organized than when you began. This should be done before actual cleaning begins so you can really get to all the grime and mess hidden underneath the clutter. 

Clean In Order

The professional cleaners recommend cleaning your house from top to bottom and left to right. Begin your cleaning from the top, tackling ceilings and upper surfaces first. This way, any dust or debris will fall, allowing you to take care of it as you move your way downwards. Not only does this approach make your cleaning more effective, but it also saves you from having to clean the same spots repeatedly if you reverse the order.

Moreover, a simple left-to-right path creates a structured and efficient cleaning pattern, eliminating the need to backtrack and ensuring you cover every inch of space thoroughly. Adopting this approach makes your cleaning process smoother, giving you the best chance to achieve a consistently spotless result throughout your home. 

Keep Your Supplies Ready 

When cleaning, it’s helpful to have all your supplies ready and nearby. This prevents unnecessary trips around the house to gather sprays or cleaning liquids. Using a caddy or bucket to keep all your supplies in one place can save you time and make the process more efficient. Consider wearing an apron with a pocket or a tool belt to carry essentials so you can keep your hands free. Pouring larger cleaning products into smaller bottles not only helps with organization but also makes it easier to handle and dispense the right amount of cleaning solution. These simple steps can streamline your cleaning routine, making it more convenient and effective.

Tackle Mineral Deposits & Mold Smartly

There’s a good chance that mold may be growing in your bathroom, especially if it’s not well-ventilated and the walls stay wet after baths. To tackle this issue, you can spray hydrogen peroxide on the affected areas, allowing it to work for up to 5 minutes. Additionally, make a habit of wiping off water from the walls and doors after bathing and running a fan to improve ventilation.

For eliminating mineral deposits on plumbing fixtures, white vinegar is a handy solution. Simply apply it to a cloth and use it to wipe down faucets, leaving them looking as good as new.

Clean More Often

Here’s a simple yet crucial tip: try to tackle a bit of cleaning every day. Wash dishes as you go, and tidy up your cooking space when you’re done. Keep the shower in check with a daily cleaner to fend off mildew. Don’t forget to pick up clothes and declutter daily for a neat living space. Every couple of weeks, dive into a deep cleaning session. This way, you’ll avoid a massive cleaning marathon and keep your space consistently fresh and tidy.

Establish Routine

Consider creating a cleaning schedule that breaks down tasks across the week, making it more manageable. Maybe designate Mondays for kitchen maintenance, Wednesdays for bathroom touch-ups, and Fridays for general living areas. It’s a practical way to spread out the workload and maintain a cleaner, more organized home without feeling overwhelmed. Plus, playing your favorite music or podcast during these short cleaning sessions can make the chores more enjoyable and less of a chore.

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