Floor Cleaning Services in Sarasota, FL

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Floor cleaning may sound easy, but it’s more than just sweeping and mopping. Floors are a vital part of our home space. The floors are often worn out and need extensive cleaning when expanding over such a huge area. However, this process can be as demanding as it is secure. Hiring help for a detailed floor cleaning session is often recommended.
At SGV Cleaning, we utilize the best resources to give you a clean and shiny floor that is free from germs and can resist damage for a long time. We even introduce machines to advance the cleaning procedure and yield our clients’ most satisfactory results.

Floor Cleaning Services in Sarasota, FL

What We Do

Vacuuming or Sweeping
Dry cleaning procedures come before any moisture-oriented cleaning facilities. We need to sweep or vacuum thoroughly to eliminate excess dust and mites. So, nothing ends up sticking to your floor and polluting the air. It also lets us briefly inspect the floor and assess the areas that need more attention. This initial phase is vital as it protects your floor and supplies from grime or leftover particles.
Mopping and Scruffing
If your floor has some collected grout or grime, it might not get fully cleaned by dry techniques. This is where we put our mopping and scruffing devices to use. Such methods detach any unwanted presence from the floor and then wipe it away with a mop. Mopping and scruffing are done to eliminate all the mess that couldn’t be removed through a brush or vacuum. It's an effective technique that uses the cleaning solution's chemicals to amplify the moisture.
Applying Sealer
After polishing and buffing, we like to seal the deal, literally. Our specialized coaters and sealers are used to lock and maintain the condition of your floor for a long time until it needs another cleaning. These chemicals keep the grout from collecting and make it easier to clean the floor without exhausting too much effort.
Polishing and Buffing
Some types of floors need more attention and hard work to help retain their condition and bring out the original shine. Floors are regularly exposed to countless things, foot traffic, and particles. It's only natural that they require more than cleaning once in a while. We have all forms of polishing solutions and techniques to make your floors look as good as new. Whether it's hardwood floors or granite tile structure, there’s nothing we can’t restore.
Grout Cleaning for Tiles
The biggest mess isn’t just one you can see but rather the dangerous accumulation between your tiles. It might not seem much of a bother, but it is the growing cause of bacteria and infections. Grout gets collected between the tiles over time, damages them, and poses a potential health risk to inhabitants. By using specific tools, we pull out the accumulation from all visible spaces and other liquids, allow it to dissolve, and be easy to drag out of the spaces. Since it collects over time, the detailed floor-cleaning session allows them to develop slowly and be more accessible in case of encounter. Even the most stubborn grout cannot escape our ambition and equipment!

Why Choose Us

Commitment to Detail
The most minute details of your floor can’t escape our attention. We bring all relevant tools with us based on an initial assessment to ensure we give you the best results. Our methods and techniques are designed not just to view and adjust the big picture but also to pay equal attention to small details. So, when you hire us, expect us to dig through all frustrating issues and resolve them for you with patience and dedication.
Safety and Care
We utilize only the most reliable mediums to clean your floors. Our solutions and tools are disinfected and sanitized after every use to ensure your safety. Everything we operate, from gadgets to machines, is wielded with care by skilled experts. When it comes to professionals, everything is manageable when executed with care.
Our floor cleaning services are the most cost-effective in Sarasota, FL. We share the most market-competitive charges for every floor cleaning job we do. The desire to churn the best results allows us to keep our rates steady and client-friendly.

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